Grade: Senior

#4392. cities and enviornments

Social Studies, level: Senior
Posted Wed Apr 29 19:28:59 PDT 2009 by alexberant (alexberant).


This lesson is to understand why resources and environment lead to establishment of cites and economic development.


Students are to be assigned a singular US city creating a PowerPoint to show the natural resources of the town, the geographic location of the city, what the cities produce, and how the city is still using those resources. Finally, the student is to make a conclusion based on this criteria on why the city exists where it lies verses elsewhere.

Learning Resources and Materials
Students should use internet sources for city statistics and visual aides.

Development of Lesson
Students will need to have a working understanding of the importance of industry, and economics to be able to make this connection.

The lesson offers a fun way for students to get to know a different city while using inductive reasoning to evaluate why environment leads to the establishment of civilization.

This assignment should focus on the geographical and environmental aspects of the city rather than a tourism guide


Students will be evaluated by their ability to make a connection with the cities resources and their economy as well as the students knowledge of the cities landscape.

This lesson connects why development occurs were it does, its important that visual aides be presented with the stats otherwise the assignment will lack visual interest.

Teacher Reflection