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#4393. Kindergarten End of Year Piggyback Songs, Poems

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu May 7 14:49:13 PDT 2009 by Teachers.Net Kindergarten Chatboard (Teachers.Net Kindergarten Chatboard).

Kindergarten Graduation Songs, Poems

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah tune)
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, Zip-a-dee-ay,
My, oh, my, summer's coming our way.
Plenty of sunshine, swimming and play,
Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, school's out today.
There's a sadness in the air.
It's over. It's done, but wasn't kindergarten fun?
Oh, zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay,
Summer's coming, coming our way!
When I started kindergarten,
I couldn't have felt smaller;
But I've been growing, growing,
And not just growing taller

Kindergarten Poem
I've learned to read
And learned to write
And learned my numbers too
And there are many other things
That I have learned to do
Kindergartens over now
But am not afraid
Because I know I'm ready
To enter the first grade.

Kindergarten Song
sung to the tune of "New York, New York" ...
Start spreading the news
We're leaving today.
We want to be a part of
First grade, first grade
We've worked very hard
Our teacher's so proud.
So open up those doors to
First grade, first grade.
We know our... alphabet
And numbers too.
We all can write our names
And tie our shoes!
So when summer's done
And we're all done with play
Our mom's will send us to
First grade, first grade.
If we can make it there
We'll make it anywhere
So here we come
First grade, first grade.

What We Did This Year
[tune: "Beverly Hillbillies Theme Song"]
Come and listen to the story about what we did this year,
We've been working very hard and we think that it is clear.
We have learned a lot and made a lot of friends.
We're leaving Kindergarten and we're on our way again.
First Grade, bigger numbers, bigger words.

To the tune of the Addams Family
We've learned our ABC's
and counting 123's
and now we know all these
the kindergarten class.
And we learned how to care
and we learned how to share
just as us if you dare
The kindergarten class
Now we must say so long
with this our little song
but we'll be back ere long
the kindergarten class.
-Between each verse, don't forget the
du,du,du,du-(snap,snap- remind the kids, pretend or 'fake'
snaps are perfectly acceptible for those who can't quiet make
a snap :)

Kindergarten Alphabet
K is for Kindergarten---hip, hip, hooray.
I is for imagination we use everyday.
N is for numbers--we know one, two, three.
D is for drawing, the best you can see!
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong.
R is for reading books all day long.
G is for good friends. We made more each day.
A is for the alphabet we know how to say.
R is for remembering everything we learned.
T is for treats every Friday we earned.
E is for excitement. This year we've had some.
N is for next year. First grade here we come.

A, B, C Farewell
A is for the alphabet which we know how to say.
B is for busy bodies -- at work and at play.
C is for colors - red, yellow, blue, and green.
D is for drawing pictures, the best you've ever seen.
E is for exercise to keep our bodies strong.
F is for the fun we've had as we have gone along.
G is for the good friends we made throughout the year.
H is for happy faces, filled with love and cheer.
I is for imagination used at every turn.
J is for good jobs and the praises we have earned.
K is for kindergartners -- hip, hip hooray!
L is for learning -- more and more each day.
M is for minding and showing our respect.
N is for numbers. One, two, three...correct?
O is for the obstacles we learned to overcome.
P is for puppets and for playing rhythms on a drum.
Q is for all the questions we've asked throughout the year.
R is for reading stories, even those that bring a tear.
S is for different snacks, several we have tried.
T is for talking. It's not to be denied.
U is for unusual; it fits some things we've done.
V is for our volunteers -- parents and everyone!
W is for the world of words we've barely dipped into.
X is for extra special kids -- it's him, it's her, it's you.
Y is for yes, it has been a great year!
Z is for first-grade zest. We're ready, have no fear!