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#4394. Fun, academic activities for centers/end of school year

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu May 7 12:29:26 PDT 2009 by Karen M. on Teachers.Net Kindergarten Chatboard (Karen M. on Teachers.Net Kindergarten Chatboard).

Just a couple of activities that my class has really been enjoying:

1. Word Search: I just enlarge and copy a portion of the newspaper, give them a yellow marker, write 4 or 5 words at the top of the paper, and they look for those words.

2. Hidden Pictures: Highlights magazine has now
published resource books of Hidden Pictures. Quite a few are good for K, and the kids love searching for the pictures.

3. Magazine Scavenger Hunt: Thank you for
www.makinglearning fun for this activity! It's a simple 3x3 grid with names of items that the children have to find, cut out and glue inside the box.

4. Making books: there are SO many resources on the web of mini-books that you can print out, copy, and have the kids make. My class loves doing this!!

5. Puzzles: If you've exhausted your collection of 12-25 piece puzzles, bring out the 50-100 piece puzzles and let your kids work on those awhile. It's lamost like "ice cream silence," they are focusing so well!

6. Mother Goose: Don't forget Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes! If you've been too busy during the rest of the school year to incorporate these into your routine, now would be a great time to introduce/review them. Plus, with our kids reading now, they feel such a wonderful
sense of accomplishment when they read it themselves!

There are a lot of activities associated with Nursery Rhymes that are available too.
I hope these ideas help during the busy weeks ahead!