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#4403. Jonathan Kolker

Social Studies, level: other
Posted Thu May 20 11:59:39 PDT 2010 by Jonathan Kolker (Jonathan Kolker).
explore education
explore education, United States
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: any
Concepts Taught: culture, travel, language, art, science


Among explore's founding principles are "Share What You Know" and "Never Stop Learning." The films profile issues facing the environment, education, human rights, public health, philosophy, animal welfare, spirituality, and disabilities.

The lesson plans accompanying explore's films are written for use in the K -- 12 classroom and are connected to grade level national standards. Background information about the non-profit organizations is provided along with questions for guided discussion about the films. The questions are intended for students to connect to the people and issues profiled by exploring and developing their own viewpoints and opinions.

Enjoy exploring the minds of the people who will solve many of the issues profiled in these films.

please click the explore education link and see all the vids.