Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#4406. Representing Numbers

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon May 31 18:32:11 PDT 2010 by Arlene Gonzalez (Arlene Gonzalez).
WNP, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Materials Required: Chart Paper, markers, pencils, worksheets, counters, stickers and index cards with numerals 1-10
Activity Time: 15-20 mins
Concepts Taught: Students will understand numbers and represent numbers multiple ways.

a. Introduction: All the students will sit on the rectangle rug area. We will continue our regular routine of the calendar and job chart. A movement activity will be conducted as the children would have been sitting at the rug for a while. After finding our seats again, I will then remind the class that we have been playing new math games every week. I will then introduce the new game.

b. Large Group Activity:
At the rug I will introduce the concept of how we write numbers in many different ways. When taking a vote, we use tallies. We have been learning about writing numerals throughout the year. For those children who are having difficulty writing, drawing dots can be another symbol that represents a number. I will draw a chart on the chart paper labeled tally, numeral and dots with an example of each underneath each label. I will then explain the game that we will be playing at the tables. I will present the worksheet. Explain that when they receive their worksheet, they need to place their name on the top line next to the word "Name". I will demonstrate the activity: First "grab and count" -- a previous game we have played in the classroom. This game involves grabbing a handful of counters, lining them up and counting the set using one to one correspondence. Count the set one more time for accuracy. Say the last number counted and write the number (as a tally, numeral or dot) in the first square. There will be four squares on the sheet, labeled 1-4. When presenting the game, I will have several children help me in grabbing and counting the pieces. I will demonstrate how one set of objects can be written in three different ways.

c. Small Group Activity
Children will work at tables with four children and one teacher. When together at the table, the teacher will remind the children to write their names at the top of their paper. After reminding the children about the instructions of the activity, each child will grab and count the counters independently. When counting the objects each teacher will observe and provide feedback when necessary (asking how many did you get, asking to count one more time to make sure, providing praise and encouragement throughout the activity). An index card with numerals from 1-10 will be displayed in the center of the table (with 11-20 written on the back). (Extra index cards will be available at the teachers' desk if needed).

d. Conclusion: We will go back to the rug area and the children will share what they did; used tallies, numerals or dots. A chart can be created to collect data on how many children used each way of writing numbers.