Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Mathematics

#4409. A spin on matching games

Mathematics, level: Pre-School
Posted Mon Jun 7 14:13:24 PDT 2010 by Melissa (Melissa).
Head Start, Fort Worth, USA
Materials Required: Wall chart (like calendar charts, etc.) card games
Activity Time: 10-15 mins
Concepts Taught: number/letter recognition and more

This is a twist on matching games and you can really use it for any card games you have or find. I stole this idea from another teacher and used in other learning ways...

Using those charts with the clear strips to put stuff in, I cant remember what they are called, I made my own numbers with index cards and use crazy eights game for the game its self. Its hard to explain so if you need a picture please email me, I'll gladly send you one for a better idea.

But play just like you would play any matching game but have the children call out the number they want turned over. like I have Numbers 1-20 and 20 cards, if they want no. 5 tuned I tun it over to see what it is. for the crazy eights game, if they turn over the crazy eight card they all get to stand up and jump, spin, etc. for 10 seconds. Its good for letter recognition, and rote counting. for the matching game they call out two numbers to try and match the cards.

This can be used in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless. (some ideas; rhyming words, letter matching, go-together, etc.)