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Subject: Language

#4422. Teaching Demonstrative Pronouns Using TPR

Language, level: other
Posted Tue Jul 13 21:55:41 PDT 2010 by Eman Elturki (Eman Elturki).
Los Angeles, California
Materials Required: Black/white board, Markers, Classroom objects
Activity Time: 30 - 35 minutes
Concepts Taught: This, That & These, Those

Teaching Demonstrative Pronouns Using the Total Physical Response Method

- Students will be able to differentiate between This, That & These, Those and apply them properly.


1.Teacher asks students using the Total Physical Response method (TPR) 'What is this?' pointing to the pen she/he holds, and 'What is that?' pointing to the pencil a student holds. Alternate between the two forms several times.

2. Teacher writes the singular forms on the board and explains when to use each one.
(This indicates something close to the speaker)
(That indicates something away from the speaker)

3. After practicing the singular forms, the teacher introduces the plural forms These and Those-pointing to different class objects.

4. Students practice the rule by constructing sentences in both forms.

5. Activity Students practice the demonstrative pronouns forms in pairs: student (A) asks a question using this/these or that/those, student (B) answers the question, and vice versa.