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Subject: Language

#4424. Teaching The Present Progressive Using Authentic Pictures

Language, level: other
Posted Wed Jul 14 23:10:46 PDT 2010 by Eman Elturki (Eman Elturki).
Los Angeles, California
Materials Required: Black/white board, markers, authentic magazine pictures
Activity Time: 35-40 minutes
Concepts Taught: Present progressive

Teaching The Present Progressive Using Authentic Pictures


* Students will be able to use the present progressive to describe what they are doing at a specific moment in time.


1. Introduce the usage of present progressive:
"To express the idea that something is happening now, at this very moment."

2. Provide examples like:
* I am speaking. (Point to yourself)
* You are listening. (Point to the students)
* He is writing. (Point to someone who is writing)
Repeat the sentences several times by stressing the "verb to be" and the "ing ending".

3. Write the conjugations of the present progressive on the board.
* {I} + am + v-ing
* {She/he/it} + is + v-ing
* {We/they} + are + v-ing

4. Write some examples on the board.

5. Students read the sentences.


6. Provide students with authentic pictures and ask them to work in pairs to construct sentences using the present progressive. The pictures can contain a person/people who is/are sleeping, dancing, writing, laughing, eating. . .

7. Monitor students' construction of the present progressive and make sure that they are using the right subject with the right verb.

8. Students share their pictures and sentences with the class.

9. Optional: students can have their pictures with their description placed on the bulletin board/ wall. This will give them a chance to practice and review the present progressive later on.