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#4425. Teaching Vocabulary: Body Parts Activity

Language, level: other
Posted Sat Jul 17 23:18:48 PDT 2010 by Eman Elturki (Eman Elturki).
Los Angeles, California
Materials Required: Poster with body parts, cards with body parts description
Activity Time: 25-35 minutes
Concepts Taught: Body Parts

Teaching Vocabulary: Body Parts Activity


O Students will be able to use and determine body parts in English.


1. As a warm-up, review body parts using a poster/picture, or simply point to yourself or to one of the students.

2. After making sure students are familiar with body parts, have the description of some of the body parts typed/written on a card or a piece of paper.

3. Divide students into groups/pairs. Tell every group that they will have a card with a body part description, and they are required to work together and guess the word. Example:

•"It's in front of the eye" = "eyelashes"
•"It's between your neck and abdomen" = "chest"
•"It's in the center of the iris" = "pupil"
•"It's between your eyebrows and hair" = "forehead"
•"It's between your wrist and fingers" = "palm"
•"It's in the middle of your finger" = "knuckle"
•"It's inside the jaw" = "tongue"
•"It's between your hip and knee" = "thigh"
•"It's between your hand and your arm" = "wrist"
•"It's between your neck and arm" = "shoulder"

4. After they are done, tell them to share with the class.