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#4435. School Bus Riding: from Breakthrough Strategies Series

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How to Ride the School Bus
Youth Change Professional Development Workshops, Woodburn, OR
Materials Required: shown below
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: show students the hazards of gangs

Lesson 7

Everything You Need to Know to Safely Ride the School Bus

Goal: To thoroughly train students to properly ride on the school bus.

Materials: Marker board, markers, a steering wheel (cut out of cardboard), a bus driver hat, chairs that are arranged to simulate a school bus, situation slips (write on small slips of paper, typical problem situations students are likely to encounter on the bus, such as "The other kids want you to join in throwing books around the bus.")

1. _ Inform the class that they will be learning how to properly and safely ride the school bus. Ask the class to consider why it is necessary to learn how to properly ride the bus. Inform the students that they will be learning the skills needed for successful and safe bus riding.

2. _ Ask the students to list out the Do's and Don't's of riding the bus and list their responses in two columns on the board.

_ Ask the students to develop positive ways to manage the items on the Don't list. Ask each student to identify which item from the Don't list they are most likely to have problems with. Ask the class to assist

each student to develop a plan to manage this concern.

3. _ Inform the students that they will be practicing safe, appropriate bus riding using the items from the Do list. Read aloud the instructions to this role-play:
! When it is your turn, you will draw a slip from the pile. Each slip describes a problem situation that you could face on the bus. After you draw the slip, do not look at it; just hand it to your instructor who will then caucus with the other students to prepare your role-play while you wait outside the room. To make the role-play lifelike, you will use aisles of chairs to simulate a bus, and students can have the chance to play the driver and wear the driver's hat and use the steering wheel. After your role-play, you will debrief what happened with the group.

_ Ask the students to use their new skills and to report back next week on their success.

4. _ Review the major points of this lesson:
! Properly riding the bus is necessary to ensure your safety and that of everyone else on the bus and on the road.
! By anticipating problems that could occur, you can be a responsible rider.