Grade: 1-2
Subject: Science

#4443. Make Your Own Constellations

Science, level: 1-2
Posted Sun Nov 7 10:40:03 PST 2010 by Jenny Hyatt (Jenny Hyatt).
Stories Behind the Constellations
Purdue North Central, Westville, USA
Materials Required: Black construction paper, chalk, pencil or whole punch, lined paper, pencil or pen
Activity Time: 50 min
Concepts Taught: Stars/Constellations

This lesson plan started as a side note to our reader "Pushing Up the Sky" in which the Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest did not like the level of the sky and pushed it up. In pushing up the sky with poles they made holes in the sky in which light shined through in little dots which we call stars. This story is fun and entertaining but must be classified clearly as a folktale. After reading the story I wanted to talk about the real stars in the sky: what they truly are and what shapes they make.
I would go over 4 sets of constellation examples which include a story, name, and picture. After this I want the students to split into groups and create their own constellation. They will design a pattern, name it, and tell its story. By drawing their design in chalk on black paper and punching holes on the design in a pattern, it will appear as if there are stars in the night sky. They will then present this information to the class.