Grade: 1-2

#4445. Halloween Poetry Art

Reading/Writing, level: 1-2
Posted Wed Oct 27 15:19:56 PDT 2010 by Ashley Darnell (Ashley Darnell).
Halloween Poems
Materials Required: supplies to draw and color with
Activity Time: 20-60 min depending on group
Concepts Taught: rhyme, word definitions, story building, visualizing

This is a great festive lesson. I printed the Halloween poems on this site (they're free):

Then I cut them up so each was separate, folded them in half and put them all in a big plastic cauldron. Then I had each child pick one of the poems. I had volunteers read the poems until all four had been read and then we talked about how they rhymed and how two of them, the one about the ghost who gets stuck in the laundry and the boy who cannot decide what to be for Halloween, tell stories, and the other two (polka-dot witched and the other witch poem) don't so much tell a story but are descriptive poems. It is great because one of the witch poems describes what a witch is, and the other talks about what a witch *isn't* -- it's also a great way to address stereotypes.

After talking about the poems, I gave the kids time to illustrate their poem - which they really got a kick out of. It was fun, the poems were so cute, and definitely fit the season!!