Grade: 1-2
Subject: Language

#4452. ESL Daily Routines Present Tense Practice

Language, level: 1-2
Posted Sun Sep 12 05:47:24 PDT 2010 by Mark (Mark).
daily routine worksheets
MES, Nagano, Japan
Materials Required: flashcards, paper, worksheets
Activity Time: 50 min.
Concepts Taught: vocabulary, present tense

Students learn verbs for talking about daily routines. After learning the vocabulary, students put together a small presentation spoken or written about their normal daily schedule.

1. Using vocabulary flashcards, model the vocabulary and have students repeat. If you have smaller game cards, you can play memory, go fish or another game to solidify the vocabulary (although this will take more time)

2. Create a matching sheet with a few short sentences describing the item and have students circle the picture that corresponds to that description. Maybe just write "In the morning, first I ..." or even "Before 8:00am, I ..."

3. Follow up with a word search or crossword for spelling or even short writing practice. Some crossword makers have pictures so you don't need to use written descriptions, but certain could.

** if you have time, have the students do a short free-writing assignment or speech describing their daily routine.**

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