Grade: 1-2

#4455. Short vowel a: PowerPoint Blending Lesson

Reading/Writing, level: 1-2
Posted Fri Nov 5 12:13:19 PDT 2010 by Maria (Maria).
Short Vowel A free download
St. Mary School, Mt. Clemens, MI
Materials Required: laptop, projector, free PowerPoint download
Activity Time: 15 minutes
Concepts Taught: blending phonics sounds to decode words

This is a PowerPoint presentation I developed to help my First Grade students learn to blend sounds together to read short-a words. Each word is color-coded and repeated across several slides that prompt students to make one sound at a time, and then blend all sounds together to read the word. After all sounds have been blended together, the word is displayed a final time with a picture to help students create meaning for the words they just read. The complete presentation features 37 slides that guide students in blending 7 short a words. The presentation also features notes as an instructional guide.

The sample includes recorded sounds to help you understand how to use the presentation with your students.
*Please note that the complete file does not include sounds, only words and pictures.

I have used this presentation with a digital projector as a mini-lesson for the entire class, and also as a station on my classroom computer to provide struggling readers with independent practice.

If you like this lesson, I have several more to offer as a teaching tool for additional vowel sounds, blends, digraphs, and compound words.

Download it for free and find other lessons like it by visiting: