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Subject: Music

#4467. Beats and Rhythms

Music, level: all
Posted Tue Feb 1 16:33:04 PST 2011 by Randy Sauer (Randy Sauer).
Trash Can Music Link
Randy's Music Jam, Hays, KS
Materials Required: Trash Cans and Plastic Spoons.
Activity Time: 10-20 Min.
Concepts Taught: Difference between steady beat and rhythms

I wrote two new songs that involve kids playing trash cans. I have used these songs in my classes and kids love playing along on the trash cans. All you need is a trash can (that is clean) for kids to use. Any type of trash can will work. I bought some big plastic spoons at Wal Mart for a couple of bucks for the kids to play on the trash cans. When I found trash cans that were fun looking or had cool colors and on clearance I bought them over the summer so I could use them with my classes. All the kids need to do is follow the instructions in the song. They learn what the difference between steady beats are. "Trash Can Groove" is the song about steady beats and rhythms. If you have two types of trash cans this works great. One should be a large trash can and the other small. The large trash cans keep the steady beat in the song and the small trash cans play the rhythm part of the song. I also introduce the kids to what a Solo is and give each trash can group a chance to play whatever they want in the solo section. The song "Trash Can Jam" is a fun song where the kids play along with the song and play on the bottom and side of the trash cans. The rest of the class can participate by following the instructions for them. They stomp their feet and clap their hands. I hope you and your kids have as much fun as we have with these songs. The link to these songs are in the link I have provided. There is a short sample of the song you can listen to. Thanks!!!