Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#4468. The Moon and Tides

Science, level: Middle
Posted Fri Oct 22 16:04:36 PDT 2010 by Jenifer Seale (Jenifer Seale).
Safford Middle School, Safford, USA
Materials Required: Computers with internet connection
Activity Time: 30 to 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: How the moon and sun effect tides

Arizona State Standard: Strand 6: Concept 3 -- PO. 3
Technology Standard: Strand 1: Concept 3 --PO. 2

Objective: The student will examine what causes of tides on Earth.

Activities: 1. Hand each student the Moon Tides worksheet.
2. Instruct the students which website they need to go to, and show them
a visual of the webpage -- The Moon and Tides.
3. Instruct the students to carefully read the webpage and fill in the
worksheet based on the information on the webpage.
4. Be sure to monitor the students progress as they fill in the worksheet.

Assessment: Collect the worksheet and grade the answers, or have the students grade the worksheet as you review the answers to each question.

Other websites that may be helpful for students to learn about tides and the moon.

The Moon and Tides

Google: The Moon and Tides
Click on the website: The Moon and Tides

Answer the following questions as you read the web page and study the animation.

1. What is the definition for tides?

2. What causes the tides in the oceans and other large bodies of water on Earth?

3. What substance on Earth does the gravity of the moon have the greatest pull on?

4. How many high tides and low tides occur in a 24-hour period?

5. How many hours are there from one high tide to the next?

6. What other object in our solar system has an effect on the tides?

7. What happens to the tides when the sun, moon, and Earth align?

8. What causes Spring tides?

9. What are the phases of the moon when there is a Spring tide?

10. What causes Neap tides?

10. What are the phases of the moon when there is a Neap tide?

10. Using the animation, draw a Spring Tide and a Neap Tide.