Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#4474. Overheard conversations about the Boston Tea Party

History, level: Middle
Posted Sat Oct 23 21:12:08 PDT 2010 by Danielle Skov (Danielle Skov).
Strawberry Park Elementary, Steamboat Springs
Materials Required: Reading material about the Boston Tea Party
Activity Time: 15-20 minute writing actvity
Concepts Taught: Causes of the Revolutionary War

Read The Boston Tea Party by Steven Kroll or other books about the Boston Tea Party aloud in class. Have students read another telling of the Boston Tea Party from their textbook or other non-fiction source. As a response to the reading, have students complete the following writing assignment.

Imagine you are a thirteen-year-old child in 1773 living in Boston. On the night of December 15th, you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick and walk down to the kitchen to get a drink of water. You hear your parents having a whispered discussion in the kitchen. Before you enter, you stop to listen to the conversation knowing that there has been many late night discussion about the British in the last couple of months. Your parents will never tell you the truth of the situation in an attempt to protect you. You are anxious to know what is really going on. You can hear your mother trying to talk your father out of participating in some sort of protest having to do with the English ships full of tea in the harbor.

Below, write the conversation you overhear in the kitchen. Be sure to include the reason for the protest and the exact plan of the protest. Also let it be know if your father with be participating.