Grade: 1-2
Subject: other

#4477. Technology and the Teacher

other, level: 1-2
Posted Sat Dec 4 20:15:18 PST 2010 by Jennipher Nieves (Jennipher Nieves).
University of Phoenix, Phoenix, United States
Materials Required: Hand outs
Activity Time: All Day

Lesson Plan for 1st Grade using five different technology tools in my classroom.
The purpose of this plan is to create an environment for my students to enhance their knowledge in a fun and effective manner.
Lesson Plan include:
Morning reading Christmas Story and hand out practice
After will be reviewing addition, subtraction with graphic examples.
Next is group work working on classroom package including shapes, mathematics, and reading paragraph.
Then, working on grammar, correcting paragraph
Last, small group working on classroom PC, and other on reading with teacher

First: Using Smart Board
Purpose is to provide interaction between me and my students because I want my students to stay engage in the lessons for the day.
Use Smart Board every morning to demonstrate the class how the schedule is going to look like.
Everyday use it to mathematics problems, including addition, subtractions, multiplications, and division.
End of every day for 30 minutes will use this tool to play any game that comes with my lesson as demonstration of the subject to build understanding.

Second: Software Program and Internet
Provide my students to a variety of learning tools to use in my classroom according to their learning level. This tool helps me to enhance his or her learning potential.

Third: Projectors
The purpose is to use projects, PowerPoint presentation from my laptop to the white board in
front of the room.
This tool will be used to read story with the entire class to develop their listening, focus, and to enhance their vocabulary skills.
Use to provide examples of mathematics problems from my laptop.
Provide writing practice from my laptop and from the internet to enhance student grammar.

Fourth: Classroom PC
Using this technology helps my students to developing their own learning skills because every
student has access to the internet and access to reading counts, mathematics, and grammar.
For one hour students take terms in the classroom to have access to individual PCs in my classroom.

Fifth: Mimio Board
This technology is based will allow me to teach my lessons in front of my classroom because it is
use with a special pen that acts like a mouse. I can maneuver through websites, lessons, and
Use everyday for grammar, to correct sentences and vocabulary.
Use to show students how projects will be plan for the class by providing them with visual examples thought Mimio board.