Grade: 3-5
Subject: Art

#4479. Christmas advent calendar craft

Art, level: 3-5
Posted Tue Nov 16 22:45:12 PST 2010 by Mark Cox (Mark Cox).
Christmas Printables Guide
MES, Nagano, Japan
Materials Required: printable calendar template
Activity Time: 45 min
Concepts Taught: holidays, crafts, Christmas

Making a quick Christmas advent calendar is easy with all of the printable calendar templates available on line.

1. find a single page December calendar template.
2. cut a second sheet of paper the size of the calendar grid or mark the calendar grid borders on a second sheet

the second sheet will be the template for a single large picture or for many smaller individual pictures

3. cut each square for all the days. This will take some time and is best done with an exact-o knife or box knife.

4. draw in your images or paste images to be behind the windows for each date.

5. past the calendar template on top of the second sheet. Remember not to paste the actual windows for the dates.

Add a construction paper border to the back to make it more sturdy and look a little better.

Merry Christmas!