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#4486. Firework Metaphors

Language, level: all
Posted Thu Nov 18 10:43:50 PST 2010 by Pamela Turton-Collens M.A., Dip.PSE Ed, Cert.Ed (Pamela Turton-Collens M.A., Dip.PSE Ed, Cert.Ed).
'Fective Festive Firework Resources for Teachers
Eye1 Education, Manchester
Materials Required: 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Philip Pullman; list of firework names; video clips
Activity Time: 1 hour
Concepts Taught: Metaphors

Read The Firework- Makers Daughter

Explain the meaning of a metaphor and give examples from the story.
Get students to identify and list firework metaphors from the story, brands used in festivities at home or on sale in shops and online
Look at video clips of fireworks (available online)
Get students to consider and record the sources of inspiration for metaphors used, e.g. flowers, Space
Ask students to write an explanation of how metaphors might help to sell fireworks
Discuss favourite/ most effective metaphors. Which best describe the effects?
Students can invent own metaphors for fireworks to make an Art display.
Festive Greeting cards (e.g.Thanksgiving/New Year/Divali) Encourage students to create metaphors to send a more powerful personal message to family and friends. (Ideas from nature e.g. Flowers, animals etc could be used as inspiration, as with Fireworks)