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#4491. Candy Cane Magic Reading Wand Poem

, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Dec 10 13:05:06 PST 2010 by Hedgie Haven/OR on Kindergarten Chatboard (Hedgie Haven/OR on Kindergarten Chatboard).
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Materials Required: Candy cane, poem, book

Candy Cane Magic Reading Wand Poem

A holiday gift idea for teacher to give to students. Candy cane, poem, book.

I attach it [to a candy cane] with a book and put in the children's stockings. The candy cane can serve as a pointer while the child reads books.

Here is the Candy Cane Magic Reading Wand poem:
We have fun reading together
and we like to learn too,
So enjoy this book
from your teacher to you.

When you are ready to start reading
the pointer you may need,
to help you follow
the words you read!