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Subject: Language

#4494. First Year Spanish

Language, level: other
Posted Wed Dec 15 13:19:29 PST 2010 by Katie Gleason (Katie Gleason).
Game Guroo
Teacher's Discovery, Auburn Hills, MI
Materials Required: Computer with internet
Concepts Taught: e-learning

Interactive Spanish Video Games for the Classroom

Game Guroo is a Spanish e-Learning Web site. Spanish teachers will find it easy to create their own online interactive games, quizzes and homework.

Thousands of printable exercises are available in all of the first-year topics!

Benefits of using Game Guroo:

* Wildly popular Gringos video game
* Over 1,000 fully proofed games and quizzes
* Over 4,000 teacher-created games and quizzes
* Organized by topic and textbook
* Author exercises for your classes, using 18 exciting game templates
* Share your exercises with Spanish teachers everywhere
* Track quiz scores and homework results
* Access printable activities for quick lesson plans or board work