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#4497. Migration, hibernation, seasonal impact on animals

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Thu Dec 16 13:41:58 PST 2010 by TT on Kindergarten Chatboard (TT on Kindergarten Chatboard).
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Teaching the meaning of migration to kinders

Posted by: treetoad

I have a real tree branch in a corner that's out of the way. It has beanie baby squirrel, birds native to our state, at the base it has animals native to our state and a monarch butterfly. Also a groundhog. We chat about them in the fall
and they slowly disappear - after the kids notice one is gone and ask about it I explain where they have gone and why. In the spring they slowly return and as the kids discover them they will be so excited - the robin is back etc. We discuss
the season has changed and they are returning. I use the word migrate as we discuss this. It's a year long on going learning process. But in the spring in our journals we then write about the tree and all that happened to it including
the changing leaves, blossoms etc.