Subject: Music

#4498. Music, Fitness and Coordination

Music, level: Kindergarten
Posted Fri Dec 17 07:33:21 PST 2010 by Randy Sauer (Randy Sauer).
Free Song Download
Randy's Music Jam, Hays, KS 67601
Materials Required: Free song online
Activity Time: 10 - 15 Min.
Concepts Taught: Singing, Fitness and Coordination Skills

I use a song I wrote called "Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle" to teach singing, fitness and coordination skills. The song asks kids to wiggle their nose and toes at the same time, then wiggle their cheeks and knees, then wiggle their eyebrows and elbows, then their lips and hips. It is a fun song and they request it over and over. I also talk to them about rhyming words and coordination skills of doing two things at once. The FREE song can be downloaded at I hope you enjoy this song and lesson!!