Grade: Middle

#4499. The Story of Food

Social Studies, level: Middle
Posted Mon Nov 29 19:24:38 PST 2010 by Sue (Sue).
Middle School Curriculum Where Our Food Comes From
Chicago, IL

This a link to a blog that gives a review of "The Story of Food" and hosts the PDF file. There's also a video explaining the subject matter.

A very brief summary of what the curriculum helps children understand:

"The Story of Food" and traces a path from farm to fork
By whom the food is raised, processed, transported, and eaten, and what happens with any waste
Understanding and being able to identify seasonal, local food
Food Traditions and Culture
How food is a big part of our ecosystem
There are tons of hands-on activities offered, such as:

Students explore a garden to find evidence of ecosystem components and interactions involved in the creation of our food.
Students analyze ads to see what messages they convey about food.
School lunch survey