Grade: Elementary

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#45. Hailstones & Halibut Bones: Using Color to Teach Adjectives

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted by Susan Smith (
Pat Henry Elem; Lawton, Ok, US
Activity Time: 45-60 minute period
Concepts Taught: English, adjectives

After teaching and practicing nouns and verbs I use poetry to help with adjectives.

I explain what adjectives are and what they do for the noun. I ask the students to pick their favorite color. On a sheet of paper they write the color at the top and draw a line down the middle. The left side is labeled NOUNS, the right ADJECTIVES. Students are to list as many things with their chosen color as possible in a five minute time period. We discuss some of their listed items and describe their characteristics.

I then read a poem from "Hailstones and Halibut Bones" that is a color no one has chosen. We talk about the words used in that poem and relate them to our assignment. They are to write two adjectives, on the right side of the page, for each item they listed on the NOUN side of the page. I check over the list to be sure all words listed are adjectives.

They are then asked to write a color poem with a color, a noun, and their two adjectives in each line. They can start each line with the color or the noun, as long as the adjectives are put where they will make sense.

When finished they turn in their lists with the poem. All students read their poems and we list the adjectives they used on the board in the same marker color. The last part is to draw a picture of their nouns in the appropriate color. A book will be made with the poems and accompanying drawings.