Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#450. Buggy Activities

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Mon May 25 13:04:48 PDT 1998 by Elaine Magud (
Joshua Cowell School, Manteca, Ca.
Materials Required: see lesson
Activity Time: 2 hours
Concepts Taught: insects and butterflies

One Day Theme - culmination of insect unit.
Here are some buggy activities -
1.everyone made antennae using black contruction paper and two flexible straws - so cute!
2. I painted their hands to look like a butterfly and we stamped them on construction paper - black from top of middle finger down to bottom of palm - then painted each finger (symmetrical so they match on either side. Added another color on palm- either side of "body". While painting we talked about the body parts and how the wings are symmetrical etc. Printed hand on paper - when dry added antennae with markers. (I cut out one of these and attached a poem to it along with a picture of the child I had taken during the year. These will be laminated and sent home as a momento.)
3. Lady bug cookies - wafers or oreos frosted with dark choc. and "spots of mini-M&M's"
4. Bug Book - a take home book . finished and colored about insects
5. Made pop-up butterfly cards - life cycle on the outside and beautiful butterfly on the inside.(from Mailbox)
6. Book center with all the insect and butterfly books we had read together. The Very Hungry Cat. puzzle ( ordered from scholastic)
7. Butterflies and Me - a wonderful blackline book my partner found comparing a butterfly to a child (I think she found it in Mailbox.Evokes lots of discussion.)
8. We pretended to be catapillars(sp) and emerged from our cocoons and were beautiful butterflies. We talked about how everyone had changed from the beginning of the year and how they were all special butterflies!
All done from 8:40 to 10:45!

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