#4501. Popcoen Word Game

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Wed Dec 22 18:28:54 PST 2010 by Heather Dickey (Heather Dickey).
Kindercare, Fontana

For my Kinders, i created a Popcorn game by cutting out popcorn shapes on yellow paper and writing the 1st 50 Popcorn words on them along with 5-10 pcs that say POP. We put them in a Popcorn Container. To play, the kids sit in a circle and pull out a card. If the child can read the card, they keep it. If not they put it back. If they get a POP card, they have to put all their words back and start over. My Kinders in the first 3 weeks of school learned their 1st 50 popcorn words and so we added the second half to make it harder. They really enjoyed this game.