Grade: all
Subject: Computer

#4504. Spades

Computer, level: all
Posted Fri Jan 21 13:13:13 PST 2011 by Regina Crank Davis (Regina Crank Davis).
James Martin Middle School, Charlotte
Materials Required: Playing Cards, Index Cards, Question Bank
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Assessment Reviews for All Classes

By Regina Crank Davis
James Martin Middle School
CTE/Business Education



The objectives of this lesson plan are to give students a chance to review what they have already learned, and to orally, collaborate with team members in order to achieve successful scores on all curricula assessments.


Students are able to study for tests through enjoyable activities that give them an incentive to learn everything about the subject taught.

Materials Needed:

Playing Cards, Index Cards with Questions from "Question Bank," Pencil, Paper, Question Bank Key

Procedure to Learning Activity:

Spades is a card game in which 4 (a team) or 3 (individual) players can participate. The playing cards are shuffled and divided evenly with all players. The two remaining cards are placed in something called a "kitty." The person who received the 2 (duce) of diamond wins the two kitty cards. They can use these cards to replace unwanted cards or they may choose to leave the cards in the kitty. The 2 teams or individual players must "bid" guess how many books they can assume to win from their hand. The bids are written down. The first player will throw out the first card. All other players must select a card from the same suit or category. Ex. (If a "10" of diamond is thrown out, all other players must throw out a diamond card anticipating to win the hand by the highest number. However, if your partner has already won the hand, the player should throw out the lowest card. If a player does not have a card for that suit, the player can "cut" the suit by using a spade of any kind. The looser of the hand can steal the hand. The looser must select two cards from the index card question bank. The question must be read aloud. The partners must collaborate to achieve the correct answer. If the partners answer incorrectly, the hand is forfeited to the looser of that particular hand. (The card game can end at any desired amount - 300, 200, etc.). The winners will be the team that reaches the desired amount first.

A facilitator or score keeper can be used to make sure that questions are answered correctly. The score keeper should give the correct answer if the team gets the answer wrong. The index card goes back in the bottom of the stack.


Score keeper should confirm or give the correct answer. The score sheet can be used as a grade in which partners receive the same grade.