Grade: Middle
Subject: Mathematics

#4505. Inquiry Fractions with Pizza Lesson

Mathematics, level: Middle
Posted Thu Feb 3 13:53:56 PST 2011 by Kristin Lovenberg (Kristin Lovenberg).
Stockton, NJ
Materials Required: cardboard, scissors, glue, "toppings"
Activity Time: 45 minutes - to 2 class periods
Concepts Taught: Simplifying fractions, all fractions

Engagement: I engaged the class by explaining that they own their own pizza parlor. They received an order for a large pizza with half onion, two thirds olives, nine fifteenths mushrooms, five eights pepperoni, and five eights anchovies. I will explain the rules of this activity then group the students accordingly. Once the students are in groups, they will assign jobs for each student (Recorder, presenter, communicator, materials supervisor). Once each group has the appropriate jobs, I will give the students the materials needed.
Exploration: In this part of the project, the student will be given 20 minutes to create their pizza projects. They will need to glue on the toppings on appropriate places using fractions. I will provide students with glue, scissors, toppings, and cardboard (for the pizza). During this time I will walk around the class and scaffold students. To make this project possible, students will need to simplify fractions then graph them on the pizza. Students will be able to use any resource in the room that will help them create this pizza.
Explanation: When time is expired, I will have each group present their pizza to the class. In this step they will explain how they got this answer and show their final pizza. During this stage, I will assess the students using a rubric.
Elaboration: After the groups have finished their presentations, I will give student a questionnaire so they can reflect on the lesson they just participated in. Make sure the questions are using high level thinking to promote critical thinking!!!
Evaluation: After the students finish their worksheets, they will turn to the person next to them and share their responses to the questionnaire.