Grade: 1-2
Subject: Language

#4508. Valentine's Vocabulary Introducation

Language, level: 1-2
Posted Thu Jan 6 05:18:22 PST 2011 by Mark (Mark).
Valentine's worksheets
Materials Required: flashcards, game cards
Activity Time: 20 min.
Concepts Taught: vocabulary, reading and writing

Valentine's Day is a fun holiday to talk about and learn about. There are some fun vocabulary expansion chances here as well.

Introducing Valentine's vocabulary:

1. Using vocabulary flashcards, model the vocabulary and have students repeat. If you have smaller game cards, you can play concentration, go fish or another game to solidify the vocabulary (this might increase the lesson time however.)

2. Create a reading sheet with a short sentences describing one of the Valentine's Day vocabulary items and have students circle the image that corresponds to that description.

3. Follow up with a crossword that has similar descriptions to the reading materials and the students must write the correct word in the crossword.

** if you have time, have the students do a short free-writing assignment describing the what Valentine's Day is like in their country, make a vocabulary list of gifts are given, etc. They may need to just copy at first but hopefully with practice they'll begin to do more on their own.

Happy teaching,