Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Art

#4509. Valentine's Day card craft

Art, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Jan 6 05:35:22 PST 2011 by Mark (Mark).
Valentine's Printables
Materials Required: construction paper, crayons, glue
Activity Time: 20 min.
Concepts Taught: cutting, tracing, drawing

Making Valentine's Day cards is fun, especially for little kids. It can be an easy craft or even build up to making pop-up cards with extravagant Valentine's Day images.

The easiest Valentine's Day card is made with a piece of red, pink, or white construction paper folded in half.

To make that look a little better, you can paste another white sheet inside the card for writing or drawing. If you used a white sheet to begin with, paste a pale pink sheet inside the card.

To decorate the card students can use crayons and draw right on the cards. However, I like to have them try cutting out shapes. Hearts are the easiest and most appropriate here. I have them layer the shapes. We place larger darker shapes toward the bottom and make 3D cards.

You can bring in some printed valentine's images for the students to cut out and paste on, but i prefer they draw them themselves or just work with shapes at this age.

Inside the card, it would be quite difficult for them to "write" a message, but they can draw a picture of their family, them with their mother or a them with a friend, depending on who they want to give it to.

With young kids, this might go rather quick. They don't spend much time contemplating all the options :)