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Subject: Games

#4510. Test Review - board game style

Games, level: all
Posted Wed Mar 9 17:19:40 PST 2011 by Mark (Mark).
printable board games
Materials Required: board game, question cards
Activity Time: 20 min.
Concepts Taught: question and answer, test review

Using board games and some question cards, you can create an easy and fun way to review material, encourage retention, and have fun at the same time.

- a board game template per group (any will do)
- question cards (one set per group)
- one die per group
- some sort of game piece or marker per student

- Make up your question cards. These can be printed out and cut up. I like to make them without answers, so the groups have to work together to see if the answers are correct. It gets everyone thinking

- print out enough game boards for each group

- One student rolls a die and advances. They take a question card and answer the question. If their answer is correct, they stay. If their answer is wrong, they go back to where they were.

- the first student to advance to the goal is the winner.

You can make a tournament out of it. Set up beginner groups and have the winners advance to a second level. Play again and have students continue to move with winners moving up and losers moving down.

Award winners with a simple printable champion certificate. There are plenty of free certificate sites on the Net. You don't need to spend money on anything. Of course if you already have an awards/incentives system in place, use that.

Happy teaching!