Grade: Middle
Subject: Geography

#4513. Geography mapping skills test.

Geography, level: Middle
Posted Thu Mar 10 23:47:43 PST 2011 by Elisabeth Greenfield (Elisabeth Greenfield).
Oakwood School, UK, Chichester
Materials Required: Map of UK, map of Europe, uncoloured maps, maps without capitals, maps of any countries in Europe.
Activity Time: 40 mins
Concepts Taught: To check how children can create maps, know geography of UK and Europe, can find the info on maps.

1. A short geography quiz to check thedefinitions of new words from previous lessons.
2. Split them into teams.
3. Each team chooses one person who they beleive is the best from them in UK geography.
4. The students come and show some towns or regions on the map. The who was the quickest wins.
5. All teams come 1 by 1 to the map and each team has 1 min to review the map.
6. Map is hidden and children fill in uncoloured maps, maps without capital cities
7. The team comes to the map (any) and finds the answers to the questions of the teacher.
8. The team that was the most successfull earns As etc. Of course if one person was very good and the team lost ge can be given an A.