Grade: 1-2
Subject: Art

#4517. Art and Activism

Art, level: 1-2
Posted Mon Mar 28 12:30:10 PDT 2011 by Kimberly Bruna-Lewis, M.Ed. (Kimberly Bruna-Lewis, M.Ed.).
One Million Bones Across the Curriculum
One Million Bones, Non-Profit, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Materials Required: bone making supplies, pictures of bones
Activity Time: 1-3 hours
Concepts Taught: art, social justice

1. Assess students prior knowledge: What are bones? Do we have bones? When you
see bones what do you think of? (Students may say that they think of Halloween,
Dia de los Muertos, scary things, death, etc. )

2. Explore the word symbol: Something that stands for or represents something else.
This is an abstract concept, and use this opportunity to think of and discuss
different symbols. What do you think of when you see Santa Claus, a Menorah, a
flag or a stop sign? Begin to identify symbols in our environment, and how they
can be used in art too. What could a bone symbolize? Explore the word virtue: A
behavior showing high moral standard. Discuss - we can't see our bones, but they
make up the structure of our body. Likewise, we can't see our virtues, but they
make up who we are.

3. Discuss that the class will be making bones as SYMBOLS to represent and respect
people in the past, present and future. Talk to the students about charity and
discuss that the bones they make will be part of a HUGE art project that
symbolizes PEACE, RESPECT, and HOPE, and that they will be given to a charity
that helps people who have been hurt.

4. Pass around pictures of bones and supplies for making the bones. Allow students
to chose which bone they will make. Ask them if they can imagine where that
bone is in their OWN body, and to think how we are all made of the same things,
and just as our own bodies should be respected, so should the bodies of others.
Encourage students to try to make the bones the same size that their bones are.
Demonstrate how to make a 3-D bone; MAKE BONES AND HAVE FUN!

5. Reflect upon and assess work:
a. Ask students why they have created the bones.
b. How might you make an art project to symbolize RESPECT, PEACE and
HOPE? Why do you think that One Million Bones chose BONES?
c. How do you feel when you look at your bone? What do you think when you
look at other bones? What are your virtues?

6. Send Bones and any donations to the One Million Bones office.