Grade: all
Subject: Art

#4518. One Million Bones

Art, level: all
Posted Mon Mar 28 12:45:48 PDT 2011 by Kimberly Bruna-Lewis, M.Ed. (Kimberly Bruna-Lewis, M.Ed.).
One Million Bones Across the Curriculum
One Million Bones, Non-Profit, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Materials Required: bone making supplies, pictures of bones
Activity Time: 1-3 hours
Concepts Taught: art, social justice

1. Learn about the Project:

One Million Bones will represent victims and survivors of genocide, creating a visual demand for solutions to this issue. One million people will each create one bone to represent one victim or survivor. Installed together, these million bones will flood the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in 2013, unearthing the memory of these individuals while calling citizens to action.

2. Register your school event.

3. Gather materials: Supply checklists are listed in the teacher toolkits. Materials are age-appropriate so that even preschoolers can participate.

4. Introduce lesson plan per grade level. See available curriculum.

5. Make Bones!

6. Send your bones to One Million Bones headquarters.