Grade: other
Subject: Language

#4520. Vocal Coaching For Speech

Language, level: other
Posted Wed Mar 30 13:03:35 PDT 2011 by Jay Durkin (Jay Durkin).
Dallas Vocal Coaching, Dallas, Texas USA
Materials Required: voice recorder
Activity Time: Available Saturdays only for new students
Concepts Taught: Speech, the correct way to speak

For successful business leaders and those who want to be, I offer you over thirty years of experience training people just like you to overcome the fear of public speaking, giving business presentations and making yourself heard and understood in everyday life. No two people have the exact same fears and problems. I design a program to work for you. For more information please email me at my listed email address. I only see new aspirers on Saturdays between 10AM and 6:00 PM. Thank you! Jay Durkin, Vocal Coach.