Grade: Middle

#4521. Education Technolog: Reading, writing and Thinking Critical

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Wed Mar 30 16:54:46 PDT 2011 by James W. Booker (James W. Booker).
MARTINIAMINC Child Wefare Community Adchievement Scholarship Program
Materials Required: Computer and Internet
Activity Time: 3 hours a day twice a week
Concepts Taught: Help kid graduate from school

MARTINIAMINC lesson plan is:

Use education technology to educate kids in school. In order to do this you:

1. Research education

2. Research technology

Compile information into a lesson plan. This lesson plan is a global education plan to build global economy.

To have an education technology lesson plan, you will have to be able implement technology to into web base content or other technology tools.

Here is web base education technology: