Subject: Science

#4532. Animal Coverings MIni Lesson

Science, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Mar 5 16:33:54 PST 2011 by Azalea J Bell (Azalea J Bell).
Regis University, Parker, CO
Materials Required: Book- Animal Coverings, chart paper
Activity Time: 15-20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Animals can be described and sorted by their physical characteristics

Mini Lesson -- Interactive Writing

Name: Azalea J. Bell

Title: Mini Lesson Using Interactive Writing to Learn to understand science concepts
Content Area: Science and Writing Grade: K Duration: 15 minutes
Standards and Benchmarks:

Science -- Organisms can be described and sorted by their physical characteristics.
Writing -- Pictures, labels and familiar words are used to communicate information and ideas.

Students will read Animal Coverings and create an interactive writing piece that demonstrates their knowledge of the reading material.
Resources and Materials:

Animal Coverings found on
Chart Paper

Students will be called up to write letters and or words as needed.
Preparing Students for the Lesson:
• Transitions
• Expected Behaviors
Students will be in a small group based on their guided reading level. Other students should be participating in literacy activities that are on their level.
Teaching the Lesson (Lesson Sequence/

• Motivation/
Anticipatory Set

• Pre-Assessment/

• Teacher Input, Modeling, & Checking for Understanding

• Guided Practice

• Independent Practice

• Closure
Ask students: What is something you where to keep yourself warm? What do you think an animal has to keep it warm?
Share the title and cover of the book with the students. Then ask: What do you think this book will be about? What is your prediction?
Picture walk through the text. Introduce unfamiliar words: scales, armor, shells and any other words that might be tricky. Allow students to read the book. Help students use reading strategies to figure out new words.

After reading the text, ask students what are some animal coverings.

Using the interactive writing format create the following chart with the students:

fur skin



Depending on their abilities and attention spans, add animal names or pictures to the chart.

For independent practice provide students with pictures of animals not mentioned in the book. Allow them to place them to the poster.

Use the pictures that put on the poster to serve as the assessment for being able to sort animals by their coverings.
Notes & Reflections: