Subject: Literature

#4533. Sight Word Journal Writing

Literature, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Mar 5 18:21:25 PST 2011 by Charlotte Bynes (Charlotte Bynes).
Regis University, Denver
Materials Required: Journal book, sight word cards, pencil and crayons, chart paper,
Activity Time: Writing workshop

Regis University
Lesson Plan Template

Name: Charlotte Bynes

Title: Minilesson Sight Word Journal Writing
Content Area: Writing Grade:Kindergarten Duration: 20-30 minutes
Standards and Benchmarks:


The students will be able to recall sight words when see in text.
Resources and Materials:

• sight word journal book
• I have, who has sight word cards
• pencil and crayons
• chart paper with sight words
• chart paper the draw picture and write story

Preparing Students for the Lesson:
• Transitions
• Expected Behaviors
1. The students will be expected to come to the carpet when the music comes on. (transition)
2. The students will be expected to wait until called on to be dismissed to line up to go outside for recess. (transition)
3. The students will be expected to sit in group and listen to the lesson without touching the person next to them. (expected behavior)

Teaching the Lesson (Lesson Sequence/

• Motivation/
Anticipatory Set

• Pre-Assessment/
• Teacher Input, Modeling, & Checking for Understanding

• Guided Practice

• Independent Practice

• Closure
Tell the students we are going to work on sight words. Review sight words before reading cards. Give all the students a "I have, who has" sight word card. Role model reading cards for the students, by pointing the words as I read from the card and give a card to Ms. Lauder and Ms. Emily to help role model point to words on the card.

Have students read the sight words to help with review of words before reading cards to build self esteem prior to reading cards aloud. Praise them for reading the sight words aloud.

Display sight words on chart paper for visual cue.

Input: Explain to students we will be reviewing sight words and writing a story with the sight words in a journal.

Modeling: Draw simple picture and write story on chart paper using sight words.

Check for Understanding: Ask the students to give me sentences to clarify understanding of writing in journal.

1. Have students sit on their assigned space on the carpet.
2. Read the sight words aloud with the students.
3. Write story with students using sight words.

After going over sight words, reading "I have, who has" cards, and writing sentences have students go to desk to write draw a picture and write a story about picture in their journal.

Let students read their story.


Notes & Reflections: