Grade: Middle

#4534. Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Stories and Writing!

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted Sat Mar 5 18:36:15 PST 2011 by Carol Di Nezza (Carol Di Nezza).
Denver, USA
Materials Required: Cut up a variety of synonyms and antonyms
Activity Time: 30 mins
Concepts Taught: Writing, Synonyms, Antonyms

Lesson Plan Template

Name: Carol Di Nezza
Title: Analogies, Synonyms, Antonyms, Stories and Writing!
Content Area: Language Arts Grade: 7/8 Duration: 15 minutes
Standards and Benchmarks:

Students write and speak using conventional grammar, usage, sentence structure,


Students will understand the difference between synonyms and antonyms using analogies.
Students will be able to pick out antonyms and synonyms out of the short stories we read in class.
Students will be able to write their own short stories using antonyms and synonyms.
Resources and Materials:

Cut out a variety of synonyms and antonyms
Use a variety of different colored paper for all of your words. Students need to understand the concepts of synonyms and antonyms and not rely on memorizing colors.

Students will create a short story using synonyms and antonyms and perform it as a play for the class.

• Pre-Assessment/

• Teacher Input, Modeling, & Checking for Understanding

• Guided Practice

• Independent Practice

• Closure
Ask students what they already know about synonyms and antonyms
Make the list on the board
Tell students they will add to the list after they have had the lesson
Ask students why it is important to learn other "kinds" of words. Why is this skill important as an adult?

Place students in groups of four
Have them draw this: _______/\________/\______
Explain to the students that this model is called a relationship builder and they will start building relationships between words. Tell students that they will be exploring the definition of synonyms. Have the students write this: Relating Factor: is another word for. ( Have students repeat this same process for antonyms using the relating factor of " is the opposite of"
Give the kids a packet of the cut up words and tell them to pull out one word and place it on the first line. Then have students look for another word that is another word for their first word. Repeat this process a few times and then have students build their own link of words. Exit
Have students complete an exit slip
Have students answer the following question: What is the definition/purpose of a synonym and an antonym

Each group will present a short play of the story they created using their synonyms and antonyms