#4535. Columbus Journals

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sat Mar 5 20:07:58 PST 2011 by Stephanie Reyes (Stephanie Reyes).
Thornton, CO
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Information understanding

Regis University
Lesson Plan Template

Name: Stephanie Reyes

Title: Christopher Columbus
Content Area: Reading/Writing Grade: K Duration: 45 minutes
Standards and Benchmarks:

Reading & Writing
Standard 1
Oral Expression and Listening
Standard 2
Reading for All Purposes
Standard 3
Writing and Composition
Standard 4
Research and Reasoning

Social Studies
Standard 1. History: History develops
moral understanding, defines identity
and creates an appreciation of how
things change while building skills in
judgment and decision-making. History
enhances the ability to read varied
sources and develop the skills to
analyze, interpret, and communicate.
Standard 2. Geography: Geography
provides students with an understanding
of spatial perspectives and technologies
for spatial analysis, awareness of
interdependence of world regions and
resources and how places are connected
on local, national and global scales.


The learner will:
Use information from prior lessons and incorporate information into writing.
Base writing on historical events of Christopher Columbus.

Resources and Materials:

Young Christopher Columbus: Discover of New Worlds by Eric Carpenter
Columbus Day by Christina Mia Gardeski
Christopher Columbus and His Voyage to the New World by Robert Young
What is Columbus Day? by Margot Parker
Copy of diary entries
Prior lesson samples

Students can be paired together to help with ideas and writing.
Have prior samples available for students to use as examples.
Teacher will model diary entries for students and roam the room to help direct students.
Preparing Students for the Lesson:
• Transitions
• Expected Behaviors
Review with students who Christopher Columbus was and the trip that he took.
Show students the books that were read in previous lessons.
Ask students if they have ever written a diary/journal or if they have ever seen one.
Demonstrate for students how to write a diary/journal entry.

Teaching the Lesson (Lesson Sequence/

• Motivation/
Anticipatory Set

• Pre-Assessment/

• Teacher Input, Modeling, & Checking for Understanding

• Guided Practice

• Independent Practice

• Closure
Explain to students that they will be completing a page of a diary/journal as if they were on the ship with Christopher Columbus.

Model writing a journal entry as if you were on the ship to demonstrate for students what is expected.
-make sure to put information about what it would be like to be on a ship
-include information about what it might be like leaving Portugal for India
-include information about the route that will be taken and what will be seen on the way

Have students create a diary/journal entry of their own. Explain that they can use the books we have read for information to include. Make the route map available on the Promethean board for viewing by the students.

Explain to students that they are to include information directly related to Christopher Columbus such as what type of jobs he had, why he wanted to take a new route to India, and how he got the ships, money and men for the journey.
-explain that students can make the entry from when Columbus got to the Bahamas and what was seen there and what they saw on the way

Roam the room as students are working helping to direct ideas and writing. Reference the word wall if necessary. Keep your work sample available for students to view.

After students have worked for about 35-40 minutes, have volunteers share their entries. Discuss if the authors included the proper information and have students make suggestions for inclusions or exclusions.

Make a diary/journal from the students' entries for the class library.


View students' entries and check to see if they included information about Columbus, mentioned at least one country they left from or saw on the trip and if their work resembles an actual diary entry.

When sharing, were students able to add information for the entries?
Notes & Reflections:

Were students able to complete the entries in the allotted time?
Did students have enough information from previous lessons to complete the entries or was teacher help needed to complete the assignment?
Would this be better as a paired activity?