#4536. Dinosaur/Writing Mini lesson

Reading/Writing, level: Kindergarten
Posted Sun Mar 6 10:00:21 PST 2011 by Anna Johnson (Anna Johnson).
Oakwood Elementary, Fort Collins, USA
Materials Required: Journal sheets with drawing space
Activity Time: 20-25 minutes
Concepts Taught: Dinosaurs, Writing

Dinosaurs Writing Mini- Lesson for Kindergarten

Objective: Create a meaningful opportunity for children to sound out dinosaur names after drawing their favorite dinosaur picture on a pre-made journal sheet (top portion drawing area box, bottom lined paper for words.
Materials: Journal sheets, colors (crayons, markers or colored pencils) and regular pencils.
Structure: Assemble the whole group for a quick read of Gail Gibbon's Digging For Dinosaurs, or Digging Up Dinosaurs by Aliki. This activity should be performed toward the middle or end of a dinosaur unit (so as children have appropriate familiarity with various dinosaurs and their names.) Talk about your favorite dinosaur (mine is triceratops). I would draw a rough form of triceratops, and model sounding out the word and writing it on the bottom lined portion. Encourage attention to detail in both the picture and the writing.
Extension: Prolific writers can further their writing by making a full, creative sentence, i.e.; the Brontosaur was eating leaves, or I rode atop the Allosaur, just out of bite range.
Summation: This activity should afford children an engaging opportunity to enthusiastically create and author a piece about an exciting topic.
Evaluation: I write true spelling underneath, only to enforce that, indeed, I can read it handily and will happily write the correct spelling so you know what it is. At this age, correct spelling is not a goal. Enthusiastic response from a teacher is a goal.