Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#4537. Civil War Letter

History, level: Middle
Posted Sun Mar 6 14:01:37 PST 2011 by Shaunna Miklos (Shaunna Miklos).
Falcon Bluffs Middle School, Littleton, USA
Materials Required: Rubric, notebook paper
Activity Time: 3 50 minute classes
Concepts Taught: Civil War RAFT

Mini Lesson: Civil War Letter

Name: Period:

Instructions: Your assignment will be to write home to a person from the view point of a Civil War Soldier. You must include:

1.FIVE relevant and historically accurate pieces of information (medical technology, technology, weapons, food, soldier life, punishments, etc.).
2.THREE battles that were fought up through the time period we have studied. Each should include specific information related to that battle.
3.FIVE vocabulary words that we have studied so far.

ROLE: You are taking on a role from a Civil War soldier.
AUDIENCE: You are writing a letter to somebody, think about the information that your loved one at home would actually want to read about. . .
FORMAT: This is a letter.
TOPIC: You are writing about the Civil War. Say relevant and accurate!

Rubric for Journal Home
Trait 4 3 2 1
Ideas and Content (X3)
Writer sticks to topic.
Writer has all requirements-5 relevant pieces of info, 3 battles.
Writer uses specific details and examples to explain thought and ideas.
Working towards standards:
Writer allows ideas to wander and get off-topic. Not all requirements are met.
Writer should use more details and examples to develop thoughts and ideas.
Voice (X3)
Writing clearly expresses that thoughts, feelings, and personality of the writer.
Writer is committed to sharing his or her ideas from character point of view.
Writer remember his/her audience
Working towards standards:
Writing does not reflect the personality of the writer.
Writer is not committed to sharing his or her ideas.
Word Choice (X2)
Writer uses strong Civil War Vocabulary- at least 5 words!
Writer paints a picture in the reader's minds with words.
Working towards standards:
Writer uses Civil War vocabulary out of context or doesn't use enough vocabulary words.
Writing does not give reader a clear vision of ideas through words.

Writer's Name: Reviewer's Name:

Peer Revision-Historical Fiction Letters

In Three different colors, highlight or circle in colored pencil the following:

5 Facts that relate directly to the Civil War. Yes No
5 Vocabulary Words that relate directly to the Civil War. Yes No
3 Battles that relate directly to the Civil War. Yes No

On a scale from 1-4 (4 exceeds the standard), rate the following:

The Writer uses plenty of details and examples to support their writing.

The writer expresses the personality of a Civil War soldier. Their point of view is clear, and they remember their audience. This letter is creative.

The writer paints a picture in the reader's mind with words (sensory details) and uses vocabulary related to the Civil War.