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#4539. American Holocaust

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Posted Sun Mar 6 20:41:41 PST 2011 by National Whistleblower Allen Carlton (National Whistleblower Allen Carlton).

YHVH, Burleson, Tecas
Materials Required: ignorance and fear
Activity Time: Daily
Concepts Taught: Population Control (death fix it)

US Government Bullying - The Truth about the American Holocaust (death fix it)

Coercion / Collusion / Corruption / Subterfuge / Subversion / Sabotage / Murder / Terrorism results premeditated and orchestrated Terminal Injustice.

Banned by Newsvine, Facebook, USPS, Social Security Administration,comment moderators and filtered / blocked from media email accounts. Under attack for providing evidence proving the truth. Have against the havenots you decide?

my undisclosed case against the US

see whistleblower/documents