Grade: 1-2
Subject: Music

#4547. Interactive children's music for Pre-K through 2nd graders

Music, level: 1-2
Posted Wed Apr 6 19:22:13 PDT 2011 by Patty Shukla (Patty Shukla).
Educational Music for Children
Songwriter/Entertainer, Palm Beach, USA
Materials Required: computer or CD player
Activity Time: 3/4 minutes
Concepts Taught: Educational Action Songs

New Original Music for Children by Patty Shukla.

Interactive actions songs with educational content:

Act out different animals (Bunny, Rhino, Worm, Kuwala, Dolphin and Penguin): "If I Were An Animal" song. Click here to show free video:

STOP and Go musical freeze song and spelling of the word stop: S.T.O.P click here to show free video:

More songs like these on

Please let her know what topic to write her next song about and she will, just for you!
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