Grade: 1-2
Subject: Art

#4549. Father's Day craft lesson

Art, level: 1-2
Posted Thu Apr 7 20:01:52 PDT 2011 by mesmark (mesmark).
printable Father's Day cards
MES, Japan
Materials Required: construction paper, colored pencils, markers, glue
Activity Time: 40 min.
Concepts Taught: tracing, drawing, coloring,

Here are a few ideas for Father's Day crafts, both standard and unique. I hope the students enjoy them:

Make a 2011 2012 calendar for Father's Day:

Use an online calendar maker to get your calendar grids. Photo copy those or print them out and cut them up. Have the students decorate, add pictures, and or write a message for their dad.

A Father's Day Card craft:

- a very standard idea. Students fold construction paper in half, line it with white paper on the inside for the personalized message. Students decorate the front of the card and add a message inside. it can be that simple or for older children you can make pop-up cards, photo cards, or other unique Father's Day cards to give to their fathers along with some of the ideas below.

Make a set of bookmarks:

If your father is a big reader, give your father a gift he can really use. Make bookmarks with all of Dad's favorite things drawn on them. Add photos of the student, pets, family. Add a little Father's Day message to the back. Decorate with cut-outs and laminate if possible.

Make a crossword puzzle, design a board game or activity students can do with their father.

An easy gift idea, and the students can work on all of the pieces, even creating the puzzle themselves and decorating the crossword. Make a crossword about your Dad, the family, and about things Dad likes ... If you have an ICT center, you can go down there and have the students use any one of the online crossword makers but I think making it themselves is a much better activity and yields a more personalized gift. It also requires a bit more creative thinking on the student's part.