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#455. South America Study of Spanish Speaking Countries

other, level: Senior
Posted Thu Jun 11 12:07:26 PDT 1998 by Sara Paar (
Dike-NewHartford School, Dike, USA
Materials Required: Computers, Printer
Activity Time: One week for 40 minutes a day
Concepts Taught: Spanish, Research, Internet, Writing, Note-Taking

The Spanish Speaking Countries of South America
By Sara Paar
June, 11, 1998


Many students know that Spain and Mexico are Spanish speaking countries. But did you know that there are nine countries in South America that also speak Spanish? Can you name them? If you can name them, do you know their capitals? What do these countries have in common and how are they different from each other? Which South American Spanish speaking country would be your choice for a dream vacation? These are some of the questions you will be answering during our tour of South America.

The Task

1. You will be dividing into groups of 3 to do an extensive study of a South American country. Your team will become the resident "experts" on your country and you will teach your classmates about your country. Your presentation should include information on the the country's climate, geography, government, educational system, economics, lifestyle and important events.

2. You will also be asked to take notes over your classmates' presentations so that you can compare and contrast the different countries at the end of this unit.

3. At the end of the unit you will be writing a short essay EN ESPANOL answering the question "Which South American Spanish speaking country would be your choice for a vacation?"

The Process

Part I.

1. First you will be assigned to a team of 3 students.

2. Review the areas you need to cover in your group presentation. One group member should be assigned climate and education, one should cover economics and government, and one member should be responsible for geography and lifestyle/important events.

3. You must use 3 different sources of information - one of which may be the Internet. Be sure and document what print media you used. Below is a list of possible web sites you may explore to find the required information. You must fill out an evaluation sheet for each web site used.

Web sites to be used:

4. Once you and your team members have gathered the needed information organize your information by completing the outline provided in the handout. This should help you organize your notes to make a clearer, more organized presentation.

5. Design a visual representing your county. (examples may be an overhead, poster, chart etc...)

Part II

6. Practice giving your presentation.

7. Present as a team.

Part III

8. Write a short essay in Spanish telling which country you would choose to visit and why? Try using one of the English-Spanish dictionaries at the following web sites:

On the bottom of your essay, list what word/s you looked up and what you found. Also fill out an evaluation of the web site/s you used.


Your evaluation will consist of the following components:

1. From the notes taken during the various presentations the students will take a country/capital test over the Spanish speaking South American countries.
2. The worksheet comparing and contrasting the nine countries will be completed and evaluated by a rubric.
3. The essay will be graded using a rubric.


In our global society, students may very well meet individuals from these countries or have the opportunity to travel or even work in South America. The students now have a better understanding of these countries and how the geography, climate, and economics affect the people and living conditions.