Grade: 3-5

#4557. Civil Rights: Rosa Parks Centers

Social Studies, level: 3-5
Posted Mon Apr 25 10:07:31 PDT 2011 by Kristin Lovenberg (Kristin Lovenberg).
Materials Required: The Bus Ride that Changed History: The Story of Rosa Parks (At least 5 copies)
Activity Time: 2 class periods (at least)
Concepts Taught: Understand civil rights leaders served as catalysts for social change and inspired social activism i

Procedure: Engage: To engage students I will complete a KWL chart about Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. I will ask students what they know, then what they would like to know during this section. I will write responses on a poster board and display it for the remainder of the unit.

Present material: to begin this lesson, I will show students a short PowerPoint presentation on Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott(attached).

Guided Practice and Independent Practice: Students will go to centers. Some centers require independent work while others require cooperative learning:

Center 1: Literature Circle

1. Each student will silently read The Bus Ride that Changed History: The Story of Rosa Parks.

2. After all members have finished the story hold a discussion about your feelings. Answer the questions below on a separate sheet of paper to guide you discussion.

3. Each group member must record their own responses. Responses may vary.

a. What are some ways that African-Americans were treated unfairly through segregation?

b. How was the Montgomery Bus Boycott helpful in creating equality for African-Americans?

c. Why do you believe people who participated in the Montgomery Bus Boycott were called 'freedom walkers'?

d. Dr. King believed we should all be peaceful. How do you think it felt to be Rosa Parks on the bus? Rosa Parks did not yell or argue with the man who asked for her seat. Instead, she just said "no." Can you think of ways to stay calm even when people are treating you badly?

Center 2: News! News! Read all About it!

Directions: Independently, create a news paper that would have been sold during or after the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Make sure your newspaper has the following things:

1. A catchy headline

2. A picture

3. A news article with at least 2 well-written paragraphs

4. Use at least 1 name of a Civil Rights Leader

You can use your textbook to help!
Center 3: Be a Freedom Walker!

Directions: Pick a partner or work alone for this activity.

1. Create a poster that an African-American would have held during a protest against segregation on public busses. Use 1 piece of construction paper given to you at the center. Clever posters will be hung in our classroom!


2. Write a song or rap that tells a story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The song must be appropriate for school.

Center 4:Storyboard

Directions: Create a storyboard using the worksheet provided. Color and cut out each box. Use a glue stick to glue the pictures in the correct order to tell the story of Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Closure: I will ask each student to write down one important thing they have learned during this lesson. I will write responses on the 'L' section of the KWL chart.