Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

#456. The Mitten by Jan Brett

Literature, level: Pre-School
Posted Thu Jun 11 12:17:20 PDT 1998 by Jane Adams and Kim Howard (
West Delaware, Manchester, USA
Materials Required: The Mitten book, a computer with Internet access and printer
Activity Time: 3 30 minute sessons
Concepts Taught: Literature, dramatic play, Internet introduction

1. The teacher will read The Mitten to the class. The students could respond to the following questions or to teacher created questions:
Why wouldn't it be a good idea to have white mittens?
Do you think that Baba will be upset that Nicki dropped a mitten?
What is happening in the border?
Who do you think will find the mitten next?
What would it be like inside the mitten?
How had Nicki's mittens changed from the beginning of the story to the end?
2. The students will visit Jan Brett's Website with their teacher.
They will look at the following links together:
About Jan Brett
The teacher will read through the author information with the students.
The teacher and the students will print the animal masks from The Mitten on this link.
3. The students will color (if you do not have a colored printer), cut out, and put elastic bands on their animal masks obtained from the Jan Brett Website.
4. The students will retell the story of The Mitten through dramatic play using a white sheet or blanket to represent the mitten. Depending upon the size of your class, they may all participate, or you may let half act while the other half is the audience. Switch groups for a second retelling.
5. The students will brainstorm questions and dictate a letter to Jan Brett together. The teacher will write the letter on chart paper.
6. The teacher will go to the Jan Brett Website again with their students.
They will go to the following activity link:
E-mail Jan Brett
The teacher will click on Hedgie and type in the letter to Jan Brett. (You must specify a return address in Mail and Group Preferences before you do this!) Any reply from Ms. Brett would be shared with the students.
7. The students will complete a website evaluation form as a group with their teacher. The teacher can adapt an evaluation tool from Kathy Schrock's Evaluation Website found at:

The students will correctly respond to questions during and after the reading of the book. The students will actively demonstrate enjoyment and understanding of The Mitten through their role playing.

Upon completion of this lesson, students will have been exposed to the use of the Internet and have enjoyed a literature experience with a Jan Brett book. The teacher and students may enjoy looking for more books by this author.